Zero 2 Degree

Earn up to £575 per week with no student loan and debt free

An Apprenticeship is a vocational route where you earn (from £100 to £575 per week) and learn at the same time. Apprentices work on-the-job developing their skills in a certain trade whilst working towards a qualification. There are many different apprenticeships in different industries and Apprenticeship Levels 6 and 7, are intended to be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree respectively.

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Earn, learn and get a fantastic career!

At MiddletonMurray we offer what we call a ‘Zero 2 Degree’ progress path in Apprenticeships for 16 year olds and over, where you earn and learn at the same time with no student fees in sight!

To date, we’ve placed 100% of all 16 to 18’s into work, who have passed our Pre-Apprenticeship programme in great companies all over England.

Watch how you can progress to degree level and earn at the same time!