How does it work?

Your journey begins here…

You apply to us to join one of our courses or to help you find a job. We carry out a skills assessment and identify your training needs.

Age is but a number!

If you are 25+ we will then refer you to suitable training and employment opportunities. If you are aged under 24 we can sign you onto a Traineeship Programme with a guaranteed work experience placement at the end of it.

Into the workplace!

The Traineeship Programme course lasts for 6 weeks in class, full time, on our premises. At the end of the six weeks you are given a number of interview opportunities with employers that we introduce.

The nitty gritty!

Once you pass an interview and secure your work placement we work with you to progress into a 12 month Apprenticeship. During your Apprenticeship we will support you throughout the duration, visiting you on a regular basis to carry out the training and development required for the Apprenticeship. We will also carry out a formal quarterly review with you and your employer to seek opportunities for your progression within the business.

World domination!

We invite you to a Graduation Ceremony at the end of the Apprenticeship and then look to assist you throughout your career by continuing to identify job and training opportunities.

Join today!

At MiddletonMurray, we have a wealth of options for you to choose from, with over 220 frameworks across multiple industry sectors. Whether you’re looking for a career in Business & Law, ICT, Design, Healthcare or Construction, we can give you the right tools for the job! 

Now is a great time to take advantage of becoming the best version of you.