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Before Middleton Murray I was unemployed! The careers advice / support at school wasn?t very good so I didn?t get much help from them! After starting my traineeship I enjoyed that I re-learnt new interview skills and met some new friends who I still am in contact with (now that doesn?t happen very often to say the least!!). MiddletonMurray helped me not only gain a new qualification but new skills too and gain confidence too (ask anyone and they will say I have a lot more confidence now than when I started!!!). Now that I have finished my apprenticeship I?m now doing another one in recruitment (a big change there lol!!) and it?s exciting as I?ve been here a month and I am enjoying it a lot!! MiddletonMurray offers me a lot more than what college ever could! To say the least I thank MiddletonMurray for helping me get these jobs/apprenticeships!!
Beth Norrington
Connect2Staff - Level 3 in Recruitment
MiddletonMurray taught me to be professional as an adult during their 6-week traineeship. During the traineeship, my confidence rose and allowed me develop by following the targets that I would like to reach. Thanks to them, I have the job which I am really satisfied with. Staff at MiddletonMurray are marvellous and provide great service and support? I really would recommend them.
Karol Klak
Equity Assured Referrals - Level 2 Business Administration
5 out of 5 Stars! My 6 weeks at Middleton Murray boosted my skills and showed me how many strengths I have in a work environment. My tutor, Jolanda was the most helpful lady I could have been given for my tutor. She showed massive support to me and all the people in my class. A big thank you to Middleton Murray and A big one to Baff who helped me through the process which means I?m now at a job I?m really loving.
Sian Weston
Goldmills Group - Level 2 in Recruitment
Middleton Murray provides excellent service towards new apprentices, they share motivation, new skills, and teach many different techniques you are comfortable with. as for me I?m doing a level 2 in customer service and learnt so much more then I originally thought I would. I would definitely recommend this branch for a new start to your career.
Joshua Card
Terrance House - Level 2 In Customer Service
MiddletonMurray have been amazing to me over the past year. I am so lucky to have had them support me through my apprenticeship. My Assessor has been brilliant and has always believed in me and made me very confident in myself. I hope to be back to continue onto Level 3. I could not have done it by the support of my assessor Josh. I highly recommend having the support from MiddletonMurray because they are the most lovely helpful team and I am so happy I have passed my apprenticeship.
Callum Rock
Callum Rook ? Placed at Creative Heads - Level 3 in Digital Marketing
I cannot fault Middleton Murray. Any time that I have had an issue they have been at the end of the phone and solved it, as soon as is humanely possible. Ben Pasand from their sales team, although it's not his area, is always at the end of the phone if I need him and prepared to answer any questions and resolve things for me, or even just to chat. Chris, my assessor is more than helpful when I need him and will put provisions in place to ensure the completion of my apprenticeship and make sure that I don't fall behind, and if I do will promptly get me back on track. Charlie from the client services team is always there on standby if I need her to help get anything resolved too. I also cannot fault Michael Pastor. I recently had some work place troubles and he attended the meeting as representation for me and has regularly followed up since, to ensure that I am happy and am receiving the time for my work. All in all, Middleton Murray have been a brilliant support and I wouldn't choose any other company to complete my Digital Marketing apprenticeship with. I'd 100% recommend them.
Amelia Hickey
Placed at East Kent Recycling Ltd ? Level 2 in Business Administration