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Before Middleton Murray I was unemployed! The careers advice / support at school wasn't very good so I didn't get much help from them! After starting my traineeship I enjoyed that I re-learnt new interview skills and met some new friends who I still am in contact with (now that doesn't happen very often to say the least!!). MiddletonMurray helped me not only gain a new qualification but new skills too and gain confidence too (ask anyone and they will say I have a lot more confidence now than when I started!!!). Now that I have finished my apprenticeship I'm now doing another one in recruitment (a big change there lol!!) and it's exciting as I've been here a month and I am enjoying it a lot!! MiddletonMurray offers me a lot more than what college ever could! To say the least I thank MiddletonMurray for helping me get these jobs/apprenticeships!!
Beth Norrington
Connect2Staff - Level 3 in Recruitment
MiddletonMurray taught me to be professional as an adult during their 6-week traineeship. During the traineeship, my confidence rose and allowed me develop by following the targets that I would like to reach. Thanks to them, I have the job which I am really satisfied with. Staff at MiddletonMurray are marvellous and provide great service and support? I really would recommend them.
Karol Klak
Equity Assured Referrals - Level 2 Business Administration
5 out of 5 Stars! My 6 weeks at Middleton Murray boosted my skills and showed me how many strengths I have in a work environment. My tutor, Jolanda was the most helpful lady I could have been given for my tutor. She showed massive support to me and all the people in my class. A big thank you to Middleton Murray and A big one to Baff who helped me through the process which means I?m now at a job I'm really loving.
Sian Weston
Goldmills Group - Level 2 in Recruitment
Middleton Murray provides excellent service towards new apprentices, they share motivation, new skills, and teach many different techniques you are comfortable with. As for me, I'm doing a Level 2 in Customer Service and learnt so much more then I originally thought I would. I would definitely recommend this branch for a new start to your career.
Joshua Card
Terrance House - Level 2 In Customer Service
MiddletonMurray have been amazing to me over the past year. I am so lucky to have had them support me through my apprenticeship. My Assessor has been brilliant and has always believed in me and made me very confident in myself. I hope to be back to continue onto Level 3. I could not have done it by the support of my assessor Josh. I highly recommend having the support from MiddletonMurray because they are the most lovely helpful team and I am so happy I have passed my apprenticeship.
Callum Rock
Callum Rook - Placed at Creative Heads - Level 3 in Digital Marketing