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Is your son or daughter leaving school or college this year? Do they know what they want to do next? What can they do to kick start their career?

With young people required to stay in education or training until at least their 18th birthday, an Apprenticeship is an excellent alternative to college or sixth form and is a pathway to achieving qualifications all the way up to degree level. With no student loans required, this means there are no resulting debts, and they will instead be earning a weekly wage whilst learning!

Many people think Apprenticeships are just for those in trades, but there are now lots of different types of Apprenticeships in many industries. From business skills and retail, to childcare, healthcare and Information Technology.

Apprenticeships take between one and five years to complete and your child will get support from a tutor so that they gain industry knowledge and the skills required to do the job – learning both through work-based training and self study.

The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.50 per hour, but many employers pay more than this. This is dependant on the sector, region and apprenticeship level.

There are various levels of Apprenticeship you could apply for depending on your child's current skills and qualifications.

If your child isn’t quite ready for an Apprenticeship a Traineeship is a great first step. A Traineeship gives young people the option to gain valuable work experience, as well as the skills and confidence to progress into a paid Apprenticeship, work or onto further education.

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"We would like to thank you and all of the great people at MiddletonMurray who have put so much time and effort into helping Nick find employment - he really believed that no one would want to employ him."
Steph Bingham
Parent of a MiddletonMurray Apprentice

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