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Cost Effective Talent

With a MiddletonMurray Apprenticeship, we cater our programmes to fit your business needs, which ensures that the Apprentice will learn skills that are applicable to their role at your company.

We work with enthusiastic and impressive young people who are determined to take those all important first steps on their career ladder within your company. Young people joining your company in this way also enables you to introduce, at an early stage, your company’s ethos, principles and strategies whilst at the same time develop them into becoming the employees that you require.

Our team of dedicated recruitment executives are fully committed to ascertaining as much information as possible about your company and its business requirements to ensure that the best possible candidate is identified for you. Of course, our stated objective is always to ensure that the partnership between and Employer and the Apprentice is a successful and mutually beneficial one, and, accordingly, we support you through every step of your Apprenticeship programme and are always available to assist with any issues or queries that may arise.

School and College Leavers aged 16 to 24
  • We discuss your potential job opportunity for the new entrant and create a job specification for you
  • We present the opportunity to our cohorts of Trainees during their Traineeship Programme
  • You are invited to our premises for a half day event to carry out interviews with up to 15 of our Trainees who have expressed interest in your opportunity
  • You will select your preferred candidate and they will start with you on paid work experience for a period of 6 weeks with the Trainee being on our payroll
  • We will visit you during the 6 weeks and at the end of that period if both parties are happy, invite you to our Progression Event where we enrol the Trainee on an Apprenticeship Programme with your company
  • We will assign experienced and professional tutors to support the Apprentice through their Apprenticeship Programme. We will visit the Apprentice at work at regular intervals and in addition the Apprentice will visit us at times agreed with yourself, if they require further support. We have a throrough Delivery Plan that has 54 interventions which incorporates 20% off the job training. This will include- Observations, Remote Assessment, classroom delivery and achievement of functional skills where required
  • We hold a quarterly review with you to assess the progress of your Apprentice and determine if milestones have been accomplished and salary reviews are appropriate
  • During the 4th quarter we will agree a progression route with you and the Apprentice. Options include progression onto the next level of Apprenticeship as well as recruiting a replacement or additional apprentice to join your team
  • We invite you to an annual graduation ceremony to celebrate success
  • Apprentice salaries start from a minimum of £105.00 per week (£3.50 per hour)
  • Training is completely free of charge for 16-18s if you have under 50 employees
  • If you have over 50 staff a co-investment is needed of 10%
  • If you are a Levy paying Employer all training will be paid by your Levy unless overspend is made 10% co-investment will be needed
Graduates aged up to 23
  • Candidates have a University Degree but can still do a "Trailblazer" Apprenticeship
  • Applicants usually have industry-relevant work experience
  • Schemes run from 12–36 months in duration
  • Starting salaries from £230.00 per week (£6.50 per hour)*
  • A £100 per month fee is charged as this age group is only part funded by the Government
  • Total scheme costs £16,000 per annum*
  • £1,500 grants available for employers with less than 50 staff
Interns aged 21 or over
  • Hire Interns for a period of 3-6 months with the option to progress them onto an Apprenticeship subject to their age
  • Starting salaries from £230.00 per week (£6.50 per hour)*
  • Quarterly total scheme costs £3,500*
Apprenticeships for your existing staff

For employers seeking to up-skill their existing staff we can identify opportunities for them to qualify for a variety of courses FREE of charge or funded by a Government loan and then we can deliver it to Ofsted “Good” standard. Chargeable elements can be incorporated to achieve a truly bespoke solution for the employer. Individual career paths and learning plans can be created for your business and employees. Where appropriate we can identify the eligibility of your staff to undertake an Apprenticeship which can be funded by the Government.