What are the Limitless Careers Clinics?

The Limitless Careers Clinics are short evening sessions that include a range of topics including: finding your niche, creating and refining your brand, review of CVs, online profiles and job search tools, interview skills and practice. Everyone interested in attending a careers clinic will have an initial consultation over the phone ahead of attending any clinics to ensure each session is tailored to the group.


Who are the Careers Clinics for?

The Limitless Careers Clinics are for anyone who is looking for a change in job role or industry, feels like they’re in a rut with their current job, or anyone who wants to just wants to keep their employment profiles fresh and ready should they wish to change or progress in their career.


What does a Careers Clinic session cover?

We will help you find your niche, decide what roles you really want to pursue, create a professional brand and translate that across to your CV and LinkedIn and show you how to use LinkedIn for job searches, applying online and expanding your professional network. Each clinic will have a specific focus but can flex to the needs of the group, it will be discussion and activity based. The aim is to offer you career consultation at any stage of life or career and help you start or continue your journey to a fulfilling and limitless career.

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What will you get out of the sessions?

To register your interest in a session and book your consultation, please email

annabel.middleton@middletonmurray.com or call 020 3857 9000