MiddletonMurray’s Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) Scheme provides a unique method of recruiting apprentices. We support employers to recruit, arrange and host their apprentices – completely risk free! ATA helps employers gain maximum benefit from the opportunities created.

ATA with MiddletonMurray – What we offer

  • No Employment Law Risk
  • Cash Flow Facility (30 days)
  • Low Risk Employment
  • Free introduction of a candidate who we have trained for at least 6 weeks before interview, to ensure they are work ready
  • At least a one year training programme incorporating not only the accredited learning content but also the employer’s content, creating a truly bespoke training solution
  • Cost effective service utilising Government funding wherever applicable

Cost Effective Talent
Take on an apprentice!

Benefits of the ATA 

  • Free of all employment responsibilities, MiddletonMurray uphold all contractual obligations for up to 12 months
  • We will assist you to identify where an apprentice would bring the most value to your organisation
  • We shortlist and interview the best applicants for your job role
  • We identify the best local training provision
  • We provide all HR services for the apprentice and deal with any performance management issues that may arise
  • We deal with all the payroll obligations for the apprentices. This includes the apprentice’s wages, tax, National Insurance, pension, sick pay and annual leave. All we require from you is weekly approval to ensure the apprentices are paid accurately
  • We closely monitor the apprentice’s journey to check that proper progression is being made via monthly tracking reports.
  • We provide a single point of contact for all parties throughout the term of the apprenticeship
  • Our paperless, online time-sheet payroll system, eradicates payment errors. The employer has the final sign-off to ensure everything is correct before payments are processed

Find out more on how ATA works and the support MiddletonMurray can offer you: Get More Information Here