Careers Advice Podcast: “iwant2ba…”

Free podcast series that provides real-life careers advice

Addressing concerns over the cost and quality of careers advice head-on, iwant2ba is a careers advice podcast series, which goes through an A-Z of career options that are relevant to listeners of any age – the first free series of its kind.  Find out more.

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Presented by Angela Middleton, Chairman of apprenticeships and training provider MiddletonMurray, iwant2ba is a free podcast series that provides real-life careers advice to young people, parents and teachers.

From an accountant to a doctor, MP and a videographer, Angela encourages professionals from a wide range of fields to share their experience, inspirations and how they got to where they are now.

An A to Z careers advice podcast for everyone!

A podcast for students, parents, schools and anyone interested in finding out more about different careers. In this series Angela Middleton interviews successful professionals ranging from Accountants to MPs to Sports professionals and everything in between, finding out how they got there, what they do and their top tips for anyone aspiring to do the same….