Productivity is, more than anything, the result of discipline.

Follow these top tips to Get It Done while working from home.

1. Have a Routine

Create a routine for yourself that combines things that you enjoy with other things you need to do. Try to keep usual work hours but also think about what you enjoy and habits you want to build for the future. Rather than thinking of this routine as a temporary fix, think about creating a new normal for yourself. Do you want to be an early riser? Get into fitness? Acquire new skills? Create time and space for these in your new routine. Once created, stick to it as often as you can to create a sense of normality during change.

2. Take Care of Your Machine: Your Body & Brain

Make sure you eat, drink and sleep enough. If your body isn’t fuelled properly, your brain won’t be able to function well. Move – even if it’s just a walk around the home or garden or a home work out, get your blood flowing and you’ll feel much more energised to be productive.

3. Create a separate space just for work

It can be difficult to stay focussed when working from home. This tends to be because there are the usual home distractions or simply because you’re not in your usual work environment. Creating a space specifically for work, removing all the usual distractions, helps you go into ‘work mode’ as soon as you go there each day and will help you focus for longer by giving you a sense of ‘work space’ and ‘relax space’.

4. Connect with your manager / team / coach on a daily basis

Try to connect as much with your manager, team or apprenticeship coach as you would during the normal work day. Even a short virtual meeting through Microsoft Teams or Zoom will allow you to have face to face time with them and stay connected while at home.

5. Make it harder for yourself to lose time on social media

To counteract your social networks’ ease of use during the hours you are working, remove them from your browser shortcuts and, log out of every account if it helps. You can also set up time limits for certain apps on your phone to help remove them as a distraction during your working time.

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