Here is the latest Limitless Vlog, Angela Middleton MBE is going on a book and podcast tour of all the schools, colleges and universities that want to get careers advice and inspiration from us. Work that we love to do at MiddletonMurray is the inspiration piece and through the FREE podcast series iwant2ba, we’ve inspired thousands to choose or change careers. We still haven’t reached even a fraction of who we could help… and the task of letting all educational establishments in the 5000 towns and villages that make up the UK know about our books, podcasts and courses is a big challenge!

Our aim will be to spread the word further about what’s available in our podcasts and books and help students make sense of the world of work and inspire more thousands to recognise their potential and fulfil it.

If you know of a school, college or uni that would like to be on our list for a visit, let us know!!