Angela Middleton founder of MiddletonMurray launches Limitless Careers Campaign | Apprenticeships CEO calls for a radical overhaul of careers advice

London, UK – 5th June 2018: Today, Angela Middleton, CEO and Founder of award-winning training and apprenticeships consultancy MiddletonMurray, is launching a campaign to address the quality and delivery of careers advice in the UK.

Following a House of Commons reception last night, the ‘Limitless’ campaign calls for world-leading, revolutionary careers education for people of all ages.

A survey of 120 MiddletonMurray learners earlier this year* revealed that 30% never received careers advice and of those that had, nearly 60% said it was ‘not very useful’ for life after secondary education.

Angela is concerned that the current lack of careers guidance is creating a generation of disengaged, disillusioned and unproductive workers. She advocates that everyone should have access to information on the further education options and career paths available, both technical and academic.

The campaign has been launched with a Limitless Manifesto to parliament and policy makers:

  1. Careers advice is failing – too many young people are leaving school without being fully aware of their options.This can mean that many don’t take that vital first step on the career ladder, or accept a job that isn’t suitable for them, causing problems longer term.
  2. Schools should no longer deliver the bulk of careers advice. Delivery by those with first-hand knowledge such as employers and training providers should be the norm, unburdening teachers so that they can concentrate on delivering the rest of the curriculum.
  3. Careers advice should be free and open to all, regardless of age and employment status. Those in need of careers advice aren’t just young people, but those in the middle of their career looking for a change, or even pension age professionals looking to boost their income.
  4. Careers advice should adapt to fit the jobs of the future: there is no point encouraging people to go into a job that will not exist in ten years’ time.
  5. To be more accessible, careers advice should be delivered more innovatively: it is essential that comprehensive information is able to be accessed on all of the platforms people frequently use in their everyday lives, for example social networks, podcasts or YouTube.

Angela Middleton comments, “I am launching the Limitless campaign to call for world-leading careers advice to address the UK’s skills crisis.

“I recognise the positive steps forward that the government has taken in this area, but I believe that we need a considerably more ambitious approach.”

“It is essential that careers advice is provided by expert external consultants, rather than adding to teachers’ curriculum-heavy workload.”

“The Limitless manifesto sets out to positively transform careers education in this country and I will work alongside the government to effect positive, productive change.”

Rt. Hon Robert Halfon MP, Chair of the Education Select Committee and Former Skills Minister, added, “As a Minister, I was pleased to visit MiddletonMurray and experience its extraordinary careers advice first-hand.”

“This training company understands that for apprentices to succeed, good quality careers advice is everything.”

For more information on the manifesto, please visit:

*SurveyMonkey, March 2018, 120 respondents