Skills Minister highlights new provider access law for schools – Angela Middleton responds

Skills Minister Anne Milton highlights new provider access law for schools. Our Chairman and founder Angela Middleton responds:

“The government’s new careers strategy is of fundamental importance – we need to be presenting young people with all further education options, whether they’re academic or technical.

I wholeheartedly agree with Skills Minister Anne Milton in that we must expand the information young people receive about their future career and education choices. I welcome the news that employers and providers will be given access to school to discuss options with pupils.

I’ve always advocated that no one route is better than the other and it is great that the Minister is helping to raise awareness of this.

However, the new strategy doesn’t go far enough.

Careers advice should be made easily accessible from the beginning of an individual’s school career up to pension age to allow people to make more informed decisions and address the skills gap in the country.”

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